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The Father of Wicca

This week I am returning yet again to my 20th Century Witchcraft Series to talk about the 1950s which was a huge decade for the modern Neopagan revival. No figure was perhaps more influential to the widespread of witchcraft as the man commonly referred to as “The Father of Wicca”; Gerald Gardener. While his history is peppered with unusual anecdotes and a bit of … Read More The Father of Wicca


Poised on a Precipice

If you follow me at all you’ve seen that I am going through a big transition right now with my business moving into the vintage reselling and focusing on the place where vintage and antique meets handmade goods. I could expand on my love of these things, but that’s not the purpose of my blog today. This is the first week in many, many … Read More Poised on a Precipice


The Joy of Altar Building

I love altars. For real. I love an excuse to build new ones. I love maintaining the ones that I have. I’m not perfect, of course. I probably could clean them and freshen them up more than I do, but having altars in my living space makes me happy and I am hoping I can pass a little bit of that joy onto you … Read More The Joy of Altar Building