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When the Matriarch Ruled

When we think of the “patriarch” words like “outdated” or “dinosaur” or, better yet “obsolete” often come to mind. This institution of men in charge that keeps women and anyone other than white men from the top of the earnings charts and away positions of power is seen as old and ancient. In fact, we can trace it back pretty darn far to Ancient … Read More When the Matriarch Ruled


The Father of Wicca

This week I am returning yet again to my 20th Century Witchcraft Series to talk about the 1950s which was a huge decade for the modern Neopagan revival. No figure was perhaps more influential to the widespread of witchcraft as the man commonly referred to as “The Father of Wicca”; Gerald Gardener. While his history is peppered with unusual anecdotes and a bit of … Read More The Father of Wicca


A Brief History of Dion Fortune

I am SUPER excited to to returning to my 21st Century Witchcraft series this week with the 1940s and I decided that what better way to highlight the energy of a decade than to do a blog focusing on one of the most notable figures within the occult world at that time. Now that I am moving into the 1940s, I thought it would … Read More A Brief History of Dion Fortune


When the Magick Stopped…

Ok, so the truth is that magick has never “stopped” per say, but it sure did go underground for a long time. Even still magick is slowly crawling out of the recesses of the dark caves of the collective subconscious. A lot has been lost. A lot more is being rediscovered and created every day. And while that thought gives me great hope for … Read More When the Magick Stopped…