Being a witchy isn’t necessarily just about moon rituals, Sabbats, and aesthetic. For many witches it is, but there is something extra special about incorporating your craft into your daily life that bring the magickal into the mundane and reminds us that “mundane” is really just an illusion. Of course, the idea of practicing daily can sound super overwhelming, but this week’s blog post is all about easy daily rituals you can incorporate to bring a little extra magick to your day-to-day life — many of which you already even be doing!

How is it possible you’re already doing some of these things? Well, some of these are normal parts of your morning routine, probably, but there is an important differentiation between your “routine” and a “ritual” that is key to understand. Merriam-Webster defines ritual as:

 1 : the established form for a ceremony specifically : the order of words prescribed for a religious ceremony. 2a : ritual observance specifically : a system of rites. b : a ceremonial act or action. c : an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.

Ritual | Definition of Ritual by Merriam-Webster (

Whereas “routine” is a “usual or fixed way of doing things”. What is the difference between them? What makes an act or action “ceremonial”? The answer is perfect and blessedly simple: INTENTION. By making an active choice to turn a routine into something special, something magickal — it becomes ritual. This is an incredibly easy step to making your daily wake-up a part of your spiritual practice.

What sorts of things can you do in your routine that can become daily ritual? Here are some suggestions of otherwise “mundane” things you can co-opt to become a part of your spiritual practice:

#1 Light Incense

As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, offering smoke is a common offering made to deity in some paths. While we should of course always make offerings in the spirit of giving, it certainly can’t hurt your karma to start the day with giving to those that watch over and protect you.

Additionally, our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system in the brain which is responsible for memory recall and emotion. That’s why scent is such a powerful evocator of memories and the same is true for the scents we use in spell and ritual work. Smell can be a valuable psychological trigger to help us get into the ritual mindset.

Some particularly powerful scents to try might include sage, cedar, sweetgrass, frankincense, sandalwood, rosemary, copal, dragon’s blood, or lavender.

#2 Light a Candle

Similar, yet different — there is something undeniable magical about the flickering flame of a candle adding mood light to, well — just about anything! Going through your morning beauty routine is no different. If the only thing separating routine from ritual is intention, the very act of light the candle and having the ambiance of firelight to accompany getting ready for the day, it can be a reminder of the sacred ritual you are performing; think of it the same way as casting a circle. It helps to create the sacred space. You can think of it as creating a protective area over everything the light touches as you go about the rest of your morning ritual.

I do a lot of my getting ready in the morning in my bathroom and I don’t know about you, but a candle in our bathroom is just a staple in there anyway for, well, very mundane smell-reasons. However, there’s no one to say you can’t use it for this, too, and no one will look at you funny for having a candle there.

#3 Wash Your Face

The act of physical cleansing and energetic cleansing can absolutely go hand-in-hand. The sensation of splashing cool water on one’s face can be enough to cool the entire body on a hot day. Why can’t it energetically cleansing the entire body, too? In many traditions the center of the forehead, nape of the neck, center of the palms, and soles of the feet are the most accessible entry points in the energetic field, so it is important to cleanse them often.

While you can certainly use your favorite face wash for this, you can also consider using Florida Water or at the end of your routine, too, which is a staple in some Afro-Caribbean practices in particular which is use for purification and cleansing. (Here are some other great bath recipes you could use for inspiration as well: 10 Spiritual Bath Recipes that Solve All Problems – HoodooWitch)

#4 Have a Cuppa

Whether tea or coffee is your fancy, this morning beverage break is another great opportunity for a little extra magick. If, like me, you prefer tea you can choose herbal teas to match an intention for the day. (Cinnamon for productivity, lavender and chamomile for de-stressing, etc.) You can even choose your mug based on intention, too; Red for productivity and a soothing blue for de-stressing, for example.

If you’re a strict coffee person, you can still infuse your morning brew with magick. You can visualize or trace runes or sigils into the beans, grounds, or even the brewed coffee itself to add a little extra intention to your morning.

#5 Meditate

I know you might be looking at me funny like — I though you said these were things I’m already doing?! But we meditate everyday often without even realizing it. Meditation is usually the practice of intentionally altered our brain waves to be between 4 – 12 Hz. Many associate it with thinking of nothing, but that’s just one TYPE of meditating.

Of course, sitting on your yoga mat in the lotus position in gyan mudra is one way to meditate there are many, many others. Any repetitive act or “routine” can be meditation. One of the biggest ways I meditate is while I’m driving or while I’m working at my day job (which is very repetitive hand motions) which gives me a lot of space to think and allow my mind to wander. I do my best thinking then! Often this is where my greatest inspirations come to me as well.

Alpha consciousness is the spring board for all magick. It’s where I often am when I am speaking to deity and where I received the most back. It comes in subtle imagery and phrases that help guide me along through my path from day-to-day.

Do you have any other daily routines that have become rituals for yourself that I didn’t list here? I’d love to hear about them! Tell me what YOUR daily rituals are in the comments below!

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