I like to think it’s no coincidence that I am tackling Witchcraft Through the Decades right at the beginning of 2021 which is the PERFECT opportunity talk about those “Roaring” ’20s that social media was abuzz about before the COVID-19 wet blanket took the wind out of our sails. When we think of the 20’s the most iconic symbol is the flapper; dresses with long fringe and short bobbed hair. But the flapper was just one product of the events that lead to calling the ’20s roaring.

In the early 1920s there were a few things that happened that influenced the entire decade so dramatically that it earned an entire decade its nickname, “Roaring”! Firstly, in 1920 women were finally granted the right to vote which lead to a revolution of womens’ rights. Birth control was becoming more and more easily acquired ushering in an era of sexual liberation and increased gender equality. (Obviously living when we do now we know there was and is still plenty of room to get better on that count!) Secondly cars were finally easily accessible to the average American enabling day trips and travel to wherever one’s heart desired with a relative ease that human kind had never experienced before. Prohibition took placed in the early ’20s, too, preventing bars from serving drinks any higher than 0.5% alcohol. That meant that people started frequenting “speakeasies”; bards owned by criminals and less-than-savory characters in order to imbibe the alcoholic beverages of their choice without the limitations they would have had upon them at a legal establishment. It was during this time that the birth of mass consumerism took place due to a booming economy as well.

This all was after the years of oppression and darkness during World War I (which ended in November of 1918) and the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918; something of a slingshot effect that literally went down in history. Once people were vaccinated and could go out again they found themselves with a surplus of money to spend that had been saved from not going out that was suddenly burning a hole in their pockets.

What’s interesting is that we are experiencing something of that oppressiveness ourselves, globally, as well. I believe that (late) in this coming year we will start to see the other side of this pandemic. With the returned novelty of public safety and the ability to go wherever we please and travel freely, will we experiencing another “Roaring” 20s? Will the ending of the pandemic usher in a period of social freedom and (we all hope) financial and economical increase? I would argue that when you look at history side-by-side with current events that we very much have the makings of a very good time!

What is the first thing YOU will do once the travel bans are lifted and bars are open again? Hit REPLY to tell me about it in the comments below and be sure to catch my #LIVE stream this Friday where I’ll tackle Witchcraft in the ’20s as part of my Witchcraft Through the Decades series!

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