This is a fairly cryptic title for what I expect to be a fairly mundane post, admittedly. BUT the title certain does apply! If you have been following me for any length of time you may know that I am in the middle of a big shift in my business. I don’t think it’s any mistake or coincidence that just as the world is falling into the depths of the darkest part of the year that I am also going through my own death and rebirth of sorts. This business thing has been kind of an unexpected trip and, as usual, I am just riding the wave of synchronicity trying desperately to just be in the right place at the right time for blessings to align with my path.

On top of the usual craziness, my son dumped water on my usual work tablet and so I lost a bunch of my work stuff (hopefully just temporarily) while it’s being repaired — INCLUDING my schedule of content through the end of the year. I can’t quite remember what I meant to post this week, and with everything going on this felt much more apropos anyway. So this week’s blog, rather than being an information dump (which is great fun and a wonderful opportunity to give you guys information you can use on your spiritual journey) it will be a bit more reflective and dive a bit more into working with this dark and heavy energy including, but certainly not only, telling you about the changes I am making and what you can hope to expect in the coming weeks and months!

We live in a crazy bustling society — even in the midst of a pandemic — that is go, go, go all the time. By some cruel joke, corporate American has turned this time of year into a scramble of shopping, holiday decorating, and obligatory family gatherings. As witches we know that this is the time for going inside and go through this metaphorical death experience. But the world around us makes it so difficult to really go inside ourselves like I would argue we need to for the sake of our own spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

Maybe for the first time every I am privileged enough that my life is aligning in a way that I think will allow me to do that more than any year before. My day job is laying me off for the winter due to safety concerns over the pandemic and flu season. So starting the day before Thanksgiving I will be closing giving me the month of December to really deep dive. And I can feel the heaviness of this season more than ever. My psyche feels a lot like those animated depiction of the underworld as a writhing pit of dead bodies except the dead bodies represent my thoughts and feelings.

For a long time now I’ve been feeling like I needed to really double down my focus regarding the products I offer you. I’m one of those highly annoying people that, art-wise, I can do a lot of things with minimal training or learning relatively well. True to my Gemini nature that means that I have a tendency to leap around and try a lot of different things and rarely committing any one. But, as a business-person if I you try to sell everything, you’ll sell nothing!

Previously I tried to apply a niche formula to my business that conveniently covered all my bases and meant I could make pretty much anything. I’m starting to realize that it was a cop out to the need to commit. It conveniently allowed me to continue with the same operating procedure that really wasn’t helping me succeed despite my hope to the contrary.

Like many things, the idea for my current direction came to me in a flash of inspiration that, after the fact, seemed like I should have easily arrived at it months ago. I have long had a love of the vintage, antique aesthetic and sought to bring the magick and mystery of the past into my modern spiritual practice. And I love the place where handmade and vintage/antique meets; my original ink illustrations in vintage frames, candles poured into vintage crystal, magickal oils in vintage potion bottles, embroidery and fabric painting on vintage linen doilies and napkins as altar cloths. So, that’s what I’m using as my inspiration for focus.

In the next few weeks I’ll be closing my old website down and moving everything to here. (This blog is the first one to be posted ONLY here!) I’ll be shifting to Etsy for my selling platform entirely once I run some major clearance sale(s) to move my remaining stock from the old site. If you are a member of my VIP Heirloom Society email list you will receive notification of that to get in on the DEEP discounted savings.

In the past I focused on a Collection launch every six weeks, lined up with the upcoming Sabbat. My hope is to start doing more frequent shop updates that are still inspired by similar things, but with a more fluid structure based on whatever is inspiring me at that time of the year, moon phase, etc. I am just at the very beginning stages of brainstorming for what I want to do for Imbolc, so bear with me moving forward.

This new structure means a new way of doing things and I’m still sorting it all out, too! If you want to keep abreast of shop announcements as always sign up for the VIP Heirloom Society and keep a close eye on my social media posts. (I tend to put update info in in emails!) I plan to promote drop dates much more in the past, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the next date! (I plan to keep it in the Bio of my Instagram!) I appreciate all my Best Witches utilizing those resources I make available for frequently asked questions!

As you’ve seen, I am taking advantage of this time to restructure and reorganize. Taking time to re-evaluate how I want to life my life and run my business so that is in more in line with my day-to-day life and spiritual practice. What are YOU doing during this Void of the Year when the nights are long and the days are short to take care of yourself? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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