In 2005 I had only been exploring my spirituality for about a year. I was raised in a very Christian family in which Magic: The Gathering cards were considered taboo. Tarot cards were even worse: the devil’s playthings. At that point in time, I was slowly shedding the conditioning foisted upon me by my Presbyterian upbringing. I viewed tarot cards as being full of mysticism and excitement; the excitement that comes with a sense of danger. Reading tarot was a great idea in theory, but I knew there are a LOT of cards in a tarot deck (78) and each one has its own meaning. That was just way too much memorization by my reckoning so I roundly put the idea of ever being a tarot reader out of my mind.

However, one day I was having a conversation about that very thing with an acquaintance who explained to me that the prevailing belief is that in order to read tarot, you need to be gifted a deck. (That you are not supposed to buy your own, that is.) Then, in a moment of serendipitous generosity, he gifted me a Thoth tarot deck that he decided was meant to be mine. Suddenly, whereas seconds beforehand I thought that I would never read tarot, I then felt obligated by Spirit (the Universe, my Higher Self, etc.) to learn. So, I did what any self-respecting human being would do: I bought myself the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot!

Now, to be clear, I actually think the Complete Idiot’s Guide is a great book. In fact, I still pass some of the tips I learned from it in my classes! I used it along with some quick-start tarot guides to start givings readings. Fairly quickly through methodically working my way through the Idiot’s Guide I was able to teach myself a fair bit about reading tarot. Of course, there’s a fair bit of intuitive work done with tarot, too. Like I tell all my students, the “book” meanings of tarot cards are just a springboard for the meanings the individuals reader gleans from the cards. (And those intuitive meanings can vary significantly even from reading to reading with the same cards!) I was even invited by my friend and mentor, (Dawna of Transformational Healing Herbals), to read tarot with her at a Safe Grad event she worked annually. I felt so validated in my abilities that night. There’s nothing quite like the wide-eyed look of a skeptic when you blow their mind a little bit to boost your confidence in your reading ability.

Over the next several years, I got perfectly busy having babies, dealing with my ex-husband, and just trying to keep my head above water. Truth be told, my spirituality sort of slipped through the cracks for a little while. I tried here and there, but it was difficult as I was fighting the battle to reclaim that normalcy in my life alone. However, in 2015 when witchling #3 (of 4) was a baby the Universe slapped me upside the head and screamed at me (as much as “The Universe” is able to, anyway) that I need to open the witch shop I had always wanted. So, with much trepidation and excitement, I did just that.

Within the first few months of my shop being open a local man wandered in walking home from his retail job just on the other side of the highway from my location. I wanted to read tarot in my own shop, but I felt utterly out of practice after years of inactivity and had been looking for a reader. On that day, he just happened to wander in and a new friendship was born. Dann (MythicDann) offered to give me a reading to see if I would be willing to have him there. As you might imagine, given the direction of this story, I absolutely agreed. Dann is an incredibly gifted reader himself that I highly recommend! He started reading at my shop, and eventually teaching tarot.

Dann’s classes were the perfect refresher I needed. He filled in the gaps in my knowledge that had left me feeling a bit inadequate in my skills and gave me the tools to really accelerate my practice and ability. (He also was, through his teaching classes, responsible in part for me meeting my current husband, too — but that’s a story for another day!) Now, I regularly use tarot as tool to help me navigate my way through life’s little (and not-so-little) challenges. I have “graduated” to the point of now teaching classes myself with and without my husband as a team. We have come to relish the opportunity to dive into the world of myth and archetype through the tarot as a way to advance our spiritual practice and pass on that love and skill to our students as well!

Interested in learning more? You can find Tarot Classes in my online store!

Looking forward to sharing with you again next week!


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